I’ve been dealing with my issues for so long I don’t have hope anymore. Every time I ask Jesus to take my struggles away, nothing changes. When I tell my church friends about my hurt, no one is willing to listen. I’m stuck in my brokenness. There’s no way out.

Who We Are

Living Waters is a community-based, Christ-centred discipleship ministry that exists to help people find hope and live life through experiencing Jesus in their relationships and sexuality.


What We Offer

No matter where you are on your journey, one of the Living Waters’ programs can possibly help. All of our programs are based in and facilitated by various churches across the country.

How You Can Help

Our programs and services are supported by donors like you. Your involvement enables Living Waters Canada to minister to people across the country. 


Stories of Hope 

"I came to LW because my father was a well-known evangelist. We were shown off as children. I was  always asking, “Am I enough?” It was a huge wounding, the feeling of not being enough. I found healing in understanding what drove my addiction…God met me, showed me He is savior, redeemer and friend."

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